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"Yo podría aceptar y hasta perdonar el que besaras a alguien más, el que tocaras a alguien más, porque es algo físico, tus labios no se desgastarán por más que beses y tu cuerpo no desaparecerá, pero mi amor, si usted llegará a sentir amor por alguien más, yo… yo honestamente me derrumbo. "

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I knew you were my soul mate the day I decided to gave you an opportunity, that day I knew we were ment to each other, I met you, you and me a diferent person, but the same. You my past, present and future, my love, my beloved, my everything, I just ganna be with you always, no matter what, in the best ¡, the worst and every single moment of our lifes, cause I loved, I love and I`ll love you forever.

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This kind of stuff makes me feel sick now

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